Testimonials  of  Parents

The following are testimonials from parents.

"It is my belief that the program at Trinity Presbyterian Preschool was a major contributing factor in my children's early success in school. The core principles stressed at TPP, are solid foundational academics, in a loving, non-denominational, faith-based environment. The staff at TPP mirrored our values at home. Manners, respect for others, respect of faith, and learning are strongly emphasized at TPP. My children loved
being there and they loved their teachers. In fact my children talk about TPP all the time, and really miss the warm, loving and joyful times they had there".

"Trinity Presbyterian Preschool gave our children the head start they needed, and helped reinforce the moral foundation that is essential to us. If I had more children, I would send them there as well. There is no better choice in the Mansfield/Arlington area, in my opinion. We were and remain ecstatic in our choice".

                     . . . . . Parent of 2 graduates from TPP

"I love having my child at TPP. The staff and teachers are WONDERFUL! They have been supportive and encouraging when I have asked for advice or guidance on parenting tips. My child loves going to TPP!"

                            . . . . . Parent of a 2 year old

"After an unexpected move to Mansfield in the middle of the school year, we were concerned with how our son would adjust to a new school. He has adjusted amazingly well and I'm convinced it's because of the incredibly warm and loving environment that TPP provides. I'm so glad we found you TPP."

                        . . . . . Alexie & Dave Vandenbergh

"We'll be sending our 3rd child to TPP this fall. Our 1st two children looked forward to their preschool days. The school always feels cheery and the kids are so at ease with the teachers and staff."

                             . . . . . Laura Riddle

"I think the small size of the preschool helps foster an environment of caring where EVERY child is important! "

                            . . . . . Parent of a 3 year old

"We've loved having our child at TPP. Ms. Anne and Ms. Kelly have been so warm and welcoming to us and our experience has been GREAT!"

                            . . . . . Darla Ramirez

"We have sent 2 children to TPP and have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say! Our son is currently enrolled and has thrived. He is so sad when he misses a day of school!" . .

                            . . . . . Parent of a 3 year old

"I am very happy with this school and with my child's teacher. Thank you very much for keeping my child safe and happy throughout the years at TPP."

                            . . . . . Erika Fernandez

"The five years my 2 children have spent with y'all have been so WONDERFUL and they have learned SO much. Thank you all!"

                            . . . . . Donald & Erika Davis

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